The 6-year-old Impression had a winning debut in the ZZ- Light dressage level with two scores of 73.5% on January 18, 2019. To quote his rider, Diederik van Slifhout, “what a nice horse and an amazing attitude”.

2017--Nice foal collection shows consistent imprint in movement

Impression has a unique bloodline. His father Don Schufro, grandfather Ferro, and great-grandfather Florestan I are all ranked in the Top 10 (2015/2016) of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). Don Schufro also sired the German Dressage phenomenon Weihegold that won Team Gold in the Olympics with Isabel Werth.

Ferro also competed in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney with Coby van Baalen and won the Silver Team Medal for the Netherlands. Florestan I sired World Cup winner Glock’s Flirt with Hans Peter Minderhoud in 2016.  The fourth top stallion in Impression’s bloodline is Romancier, who has put his mark on German and Danish breeding.

In our view, Impression suits a mare with nice front leg that is also a little compact and could be improved in the back leg.  From birth, Impression has shown a lot of hind leg action and length in his body--features that he can pass on to his offspring.  Impression has the power for a potential future Grand Prix horse.

Mr. MJC Maat 
Molenweg 9 
3941 PT Doorn

Dhr. M.J.C. Maat
Molenweg 9
3941 PT Doorn
1.72 m
Approved for


Service fee
€ 250,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 650,-
Studfee total
€ 900,-
Sperm available
Additional info

Genoom 102

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 7.5
Draf: 7.5
Galop: 8.5
Souplesse: 8.0
Houding en balans: 8.0
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 7.5
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.0

Totaal: 78.5



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